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Realizing distributor's need for a fastener manufacturer that prides  itself on service  with  personnel  that  have  many  years  experience  in  the  fastener industry, International Fastening Technologies was formed.

Located  in  the  heart  of  the Midwest is also centrally located for the major midwest manufacturers from Detroit, Toledo, Indianapolis,  and  Chicago.  

IFT serves companies throughout the United States and overseas. 

Unlike   many   companies,    IFT's   whole  effort  is  focused  on  giving  our customers  the  finest  products available  and  the service  backing  up  those products.

We have expertise in helping to engineer the best ways  of  fastening  different substrates  with  blind  mechanical  fasteners.  We  pride ourselves in always being on the leading edge of technology.  Our  customers  know that they are ahead  of  their competition by having the finest and newest products to serve them and that they are not saddled with a  supplier  that  is  not willing or is unable to keep their operation up to date.


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We offer consulting services for blind fastener applications. Should you require our services, please contact us.


Tool Repair
We repair all of the current and some obsolete tooling (blind fastener) that we sell. We also have large inventories of parts for these tools.


Tool Rental
We rent most styles and models of the tools that we sell. If you have a temporary need, just contact us.

Tool Parts
We maintain large inventories of parts for the blind fastener tooling that we sell. For the most common tooling we offer same day shipping.

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